Simplify school
payments with FundaPay.

Improve collection rates and provide parents with convenient payment options

Zero Follow-ups

Reduced delays with zero manual follow-ups for collection

Financial Insights

Data-driven insights for better financial planning and decision-making in schools

"As a private school administrator, I want a reliable and efficient payment collection platform to improve our financial stability and planning."

Full Automation

Fully automated fee collection and reconciliation process

What is FundaPay?

FundaPay is a platform designed to assist South African schools in increasing their collection rates by efficiently managing the entire payment process. Through FundaPay, parents can conveniently make payments for various school expenses, including fees, trips, and uniforms, using multiple payment methods. Additionally, the platform allows parents to access and manage their financial documents online.

Improved collection rates

Simplify payment collection, reduce default rates, and boost the overall collection rate.

Accessible credit

Schools can access credit for expansion plans without the need for mortgage or collateral by leveraging their past fee collection data.

Multiple payment methods

Offer parents the ease of paying through various methods, enhancing school-parent relationships.

Transparency and documentation

Enable instant access to fee-related documents for both parents and schools, fostering transparency and trust.

Career Expo and Counselling

As a complimentary service, schools using FundaPay will have the opportunity to participate in career expos and counselling sessions, enriching the educational journey for students and parents alike.

Motivational Dinners

FundaPay users will receive exclusive invitations to motivational dinners, fostering a sense of community and providing a platform for networking and inspiration.

Revolutionise your payment collection process with seamless automation

FundaPay offers flexibility, convenience, and secure online access for parents, leading to increased collaboration and trust between schools and families.

In-Depth Reports

Maintain complete control over your finances with in-depth payment reconciliation reports

Secure Transactions

FundaPay ensures reliable and secure transactions, protecting the interests of both schools and parents.

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Expand and grow your school with our collateral-free credit facility

FundaPay offers a unique credit facility for schools based on past fee collection data, eliminating the need for physical collateral or mortgage. This opens up avenues for schools to expand and grow without the burden of traditional financial constraints.

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